February 2014

February, 2014 Update

MuzicNotez Battles Taking Applicants

The last MuzicNotez Battles ended with Canadian metal band Devastator taking the crown. Now we’re getting ready to launch the next round of battles. We’re currently taking submissions for the various rounds. We accept all genres and artists/bands from all over the world. We have 4 battles, each containing at least 6 competitors. The first 3 are genre specific (rap, rock, and metal), than the 4th is the WildCard round holding a mix of genres battling against each other. Each of these 4 battle champs move on to the Championship Battle.

Learn more about the battles and apply here >>

NEW Industry Leads Added to the Portal

As most of you now know, we launched our NEW Industry Leads Portal last month. This is an option for any of our MuzicNotez members, simply upgrade your profile and begin using all of our tools to enhance your image, grow your fan base and reach new industry leads every week!

Last month we added 100+ new leads from all over the world. These leads are in blogs, magazines and radio. They range from all genres, and are all currently accepting new talent.
Sign up and reach them NOW >>

‘Pray For The Light’ by MileStone

Genre: Metal

Chris Mays
Genre: Rap

Genre: Pop/Blues/Jazz

Vik Valda
Genre: Dance Rock

Love Space
by Convulsic

Listen Here!

Dead Man
by Cohasset

Listen Here!

One By One
by The People Now

Listen Here!

Je Cours

Listen Here!

Next Level
by Ms Petite

Listen Here!

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