June 2014

June, 2014 Update

Rock Battle CHAMP Moxy And The Influence!

Congratulations to Moxy And The Influence on winning the MuzicNotez Rock Battle! Not only did they win, but they pretty much dominated from beginning to end. They finished with over half of the 3,400+ votes, proving that their fans rock as much as them! Now they will be moving on to the Championship Battle which will also include the winners of the next 3 battles. Stay tuned for that and continue to support Moxy And The Influence.

Next up, HEADBANGERS Battle

The MuzicNotez Battles continue with the Headbangers Battle! Check out the bands competing below, the battle begins July 6th.

Check them out and vote here for your favorite to win it all. You’ll have 10 votes per day.

Love Space‘ by Convulsic

Chris Mays
Genre: Rap

Genre: Electronic/Rock

Victim Of Illusion
Genre: Rock

Genre: Pop/House

You Would
by Young Z

Listen Here!

Summer Dream
by Dean O Selly

Listen Here!

So Terrific
by PressDon

Listen Here!

My Fight
by From Ashes To New

Listen Here!

Ordinary Life
by Lewis Hurrell

Listen Here!

Warp X
by Keyboard Comrade

Listen Here!

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