October 2014

October, 2014 Update

John Haesemeyers New Album ‘Three Mirrors’

The folk-rock artist out of San Francisco, John Haesemeyer has been very busy lately. First he released his single ‘Think I’m Going Down‘ which was very well received. Then the highly anticipated new album ‘Three Mirrors‘ was finally released September 23rd. This is his second studio album and he collaborated with 20+ veteran musicians, including a former guitarist for Prince to create it. Up next, is his official music video for the track ‘Two Of Me’. A teaser clip was recently released which you can view here, stay tuned for the full release which will be dropped here immediately once it’s out! Learn more about John in our exclusive interview with him.

Go pick up his album ‘Three Mirrors’ here >>

NotezWorthy Ranking System Updates

Our NotezWorthy ranking system has been very successful so far, so we’re updating it to make it even more useful for our members. The first little update is already live (although not complete) on each audios page. Now you can simply click the ‘Listen & Vote on a Related Track >>’ link to the top right of each audio to randomly select another genre related track to discover and rank. This will not only help fans find new music, but push new fans your way. The next update is coming soon! Discover new music and start voting >

Light It Up‘ by 16 year old Grace Johnson off her new EP ‘Lions In My Head

Alona C
Genre: Indie

Monique Angele
Genre: Divine Pop

Genre: Art/Pop

Julet Lagto
MuzicNotez Rep.

Seemed Unnumbered
by Mask Of Prospero

Listen Here!

by Alex Mitsou

Listen Here!

Smoked Out
by 1 Hittah

Listen Here!

Scar Tissue
by Death Industry

Listen Here!

Simple Life
by Random Dogs

Listen Here!

Somebody Else
by Tennessee Larue

Listen Here!

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