June, 2015 Update

Congrats to the WildCard Battle Champ!

Maurice Smith just won the WildCard Battle with his track ‘Where Did The Music Go‘ to move on and take the last spot in the Championship Battle. Hellena gave him a real fight but he ended up winning with nearly 3,000 of the 5,400+ total votes.

The Championship Battle Is Set

Now it’s time to move on to the Championship Battle! Each of the previous 4 genre battle winners will be competing against each other to win it all. Check them all out below and vote for your favorite to be our next MuzicNotez Battles Champion on July 6th.


Listen Here!

Listen Here!

Listen Here!

Listen Here!

There will be 2 weeks to vote, 10 times per day.

Sweet Intentions‘ by Enter The Paradox

Genre: Pop/Rap

Genre: Rap

Don Protege
Genre: Rap

Genre: Electronica

Under The Sun by
Invisible Poet Kings

Listen Here!

My Elf
by Heal The Mira

Listen Here!

Last Days
by Mjesik

Listen Here!

Come To The Bower
by Irish Rover

Listen Here!

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