October, 2015 Update

Moxy and the Influence welcomes new drummer

MuzicNotez Battles Champs Moxy and the Influence have evolved once more. They have completed the four-piece all female group by adding a new drummer to the group. The new drummer’s name is Alexey Poblete and she seems to be fitting in perfectly already. Looking forward to see what’s next for this band, and you can bet you’ll see it here! Learn more here >>

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Ride In Your Mind‘ by The Mailman’s Children

Zaena Morisho
Genre: R&B/Hip Hop

Harbinger Uprising
Genre: Progressive Rock

Ordinary People
Genre: Electronic

Don Protege
Genre: Rap

A Single Song by
Steve Kouba

Listen Here!

Wild Thing by
The Cristeas

Listen Here!

I Wanna Be The One
by Downie

Listen Here!

Southern River
by Canary Burton

Listen Here!


Listen Here!

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