April 2017

April, 2017 Update

Want to compete in the Battles?

We’re currently taking applications for the next round of MuzicNotez Battles. The battles are a new age online battle of the bands featuring artists and bands of all genres from all around the world.

Win or lose, you’ll gain a lot of free exposure around our website, in our magazine and through our mailing list.

Apply to join the battles here >>

Welcome a new writer to our magazine!

We added another writer to our magazine recently, her name is Shanet, and she’s looking forward to checking out your new music. If you’d like her to write up your next review in our magazine, use promo code ‘ShanetO’ for 5% off.
Get Your Review Here >>

Love Drug‘ by Mike Rose

Genre: Rock

Michael Egleton
Genre: Soul/Jazz

Genre: Rap

Young Lye
Genre: Rap

by Strange Anthem

Listen Here!

Soul Travel
by Prince Jex

Listen Here!

by Rolling Papers

Listen Here!

Rain Soon Come
by Zion Antoni

Listen Here!

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