January 2018

January, 2018 Update

We have a new Battles Champ!

Congratulations to the new MuzicNotez Battles champion Hope! The multi-talented pop artist from Las Vegas came out of the Electropop battle and blew the competition away.

Hope is a dancer, singer, rapper and all around pop sensation that is quickly on the rise!

Check out the music video for her winning track ‘I Was Wrong’ below. Learn more »

New Battles Format

With the wide popularity of the MuzicNotez Battles, we’re expanding! Instead of just the big competition each year, we’re going to have more battles continuously throughout the year, and have 1 on 1 video battles.

Apply to join the battles here >>

I Was Wrong‘ by Hope

Michael Egleton
Genre: Soul/Jazz

Bouy Genius
Genre: Rap

Genre: Indie/Pop

Party of the Sin
Genre: Rap

Who Asked You Back
by Ella Harp

Listen Here!

Money Comes, Money Goes
by Oddnote

Listen Here!

by Seth Jackson

Listen Here!

System Override
by J Tizzle

Listen Here!

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