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  • About & History:  Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, i am an aspiring musician trying to inspire others with my craft and talent. My biggest inspiration is Michael Jackson and Biggie Smalls. I love listening to all types of music (Rock, Rap, Soul, Funk, Disco, etc.) and i try to incorporate all of the different types of genres into my music. The way i write my music is based on how i feel. If i can't feel it, i can't write it nor can i perform it. I try to connect with my audience by having my music be relate-able with common experiences faced by many, regardless of race, gender, social status, etc.

    The song that i feel connects to a wider audience is my song called, Crusin'. Everyone can relate to having a good time with loved ones and close friends. This song celebrates that moment and even offers a catchy mantra-like hook. The Producer for Crusin' is German Born, K-FIYAT. This song is part of an overall project called "Midnight Cruise" which is my upcoming album/short film.
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