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  • Current Status:  New single called "Stoopid Dum Yum"
  • Artist Name:  Country Bo Flye
  • Genre:  Rap and Hip Hop
  • About & History:  Country Bo' Flye is and up and coming well established music artist. He does Rap/HipHop/Pop/Rock/R&B music. His creative and hot music has created a buzz all over the carolinas. He is also known for his explosive stage presence, rocking shows with Def Jam artist "Lil' Ru", Grand Hustle's "Varisty State House" (Crank Dat Yank), and has worked with talent scouts, A&R's, and DJ's from Interscope Records. In August 2010 he was picked from a audition he made to join witha major movement called "Talent Search South" with the records labels connect "Magic Obama" Sotti/Koch records. Country Bo' Flye has also made a name for himself by releasing banger after banger. Every verse, bar, chorus, song holds no flaw. He does it to A-1 perfection. His latest mixtape "Gutta Paid" vol.1 was labeled a classic! he has been named Drake and Jay-Z of the down yonda south because of his superb lyrical ability. He heavily promotes from his social network pages Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace. Country Bo' Flye's new single "Chicken Pox Money" with the saying(my hand itchin,bands got my hand itchin) is currently available on itunes, amazon, zune, IMVU, thumbplay and more. he even has songs in mostly spanish. You will have to hear it to believe it. Country Bo' Flye on youtube!
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