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Fan & Venue Profiles Band & Artist Profiles
Levels Rewards Given     Levels Rewards Given
Free Ticket To The Show!     Signed onto our MuzicNotez label, so we can begin promoting you.
Rotating promo ad on a category site subpage (audios, videos, images, blogs) for a month of yourself or favorite band of your choice.     Rotating promo ad on a category site subpage (audios, videos, images, blogs) for a month.
Eligible to be interviewed by Our MUZICNOTEZ MAGAZINE!
Eligible for front row tickets to a live streaming session of a MuzicNotez artist or band.     Eligible for a live streaming profile integration custom built by MuzicNotez setup for your use on our live streaming channel. Promoted on our home page and FEATURED in our Headliner Online Radio!
Featured spot on backstage pages (you're my account/backstage page) promoting you for being such a great fan!     Featured 5-track rotating audio track promo on the backstage pages (you're my account page, fan/artist/band). Featured promotion in MuzicNotez newsletter. Featured in our MuzicNotez online Magazine as well.
Full V.I.P. pass to everything MuzicNotez has to offer you, tickets to all our shows, inside tips, specially created banner advertising you, and so much more. It's the best seat in the house!     Featured rotating advertisement custom designed by a MuzicNotez designer to promote your band with more juicy details. Eligible for everything MuzicNotez has to offer, and MuzicNotez will personally work with you as a direct agent to promote you even more.
If you have achieved a specific ranking and not received or been contacted to receive the designated reward please contact the MuzicNotez Crew to notify us and we will hook you up soon as we can!


Fan & Venue Profiles Band & Artist Profiles
Levels Amount of Uploads     Levels Amount of Uploads
Grass Seats 0     Aspiring 0
Bleachers 15     Garage Band 15
Front Row 30     Headliner 30
Backstage 50     Arena Act 50
VIP 100     LEGEND 120
  • "Criteria To Meet" - Refers to the total amount of uploads you have on your profile.
    • Audios
    • Videos
    • Image Albums
    • More inclusions to come...

As you add more media and grow in popularity, you will advance to a higher status in our ranking scale that we have developed. We will reward your success with featured spots throughout our community, passes into certain events, and other prizes to be named later.

For the musicians signing up to our label you start out with our Aspiring label, then as you grow move up to the Garage Band label, Headliner, Arena, and finally the Legends label. Each label increase will allow you to add more media to our community, allowing you to be heard. Also the higher a label you receive, and the more your popularity grows, our MuzicNotez Crew will personally help promote you throughout our community. Each label increase will give you featured spots on your backstage area, as well as throughout the community for some lucky selected members.

For our fans that join our community, you receive a free ticket to the show. We'll start you out with a ticket to our Grass seats section, then as you grow we'll bump you up to Bleacher seats, Front Row, Backstage, and finally you'll receive our VIP pass. It's the fans job to choose what music you like, rate it and add it to your favorites. We'll reward you with seating upgrades, as well as special prizes along the way.

MuzicNotez FREE Promotional Ranking System

Our mission here at MuzicNotez is to create a community for all the musicians who love to make music, and all the fans who love to listen to it. We want to promote our musicians, and allow our fans to help judge, critique, and love it. Any musicians that choose to join our community are signing up to our MuzicNotez music label, and any fans that sign up are getting a free ticket to the show.