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E.T.A. P.K.

Emerging Talent Agency Press Kits

Looking to take it to the next level? Upgrade to our E.T.A. Press Kit's and receive additional promotion every month throughout MuzicNotez and our Indie Music Magazine. All musicians need that extra promotion and don't necessarily have the time to do it all themselves, so we've teamed up with The Emerging Talent Agency and took the idea of a press kit to another level by adding both ours, and The ETA's support in promoting you with these press and media packages.

Choose from 3 different packages that we've created, ranging from 3 month subscriptions, to a year, the longer the subscription the cheaper you pay per month, as well as the more perks/promotion you receive from MuzicNotez and The Emerging Talent Agency.

What Do The E.T.A. P.K.'s Include?

  • Upgraded Press Kit profile Including:
    • Magazine Category/RSS
      • You have total control over it to add new articles/press releases to your profile
      • These are also promoted in your own personal RSS feed of which is promoted all over MuzicNotez
    • Personal Streaming Radio Playlist
    • FB Widget/Like Button/Social Plugins included
    • Sleek/better looking profile (Example)
  • REVIEW article done by the ETA a month
    • You must supply info for the ETA to promote in this
  • One Free artist/band analysis by the ETA
  • Promotion in MuzicNotez Magazine
  • Promoted in Featured Members area of Home Page (on the top)

Our E.T.A. P.K. prices are displayed below: (The longer term you subscribe to, the cheaper it is per month)

(Click Here for More Details of Each Package)

E.T.A. P.K. Term Length Price (per month) # Of E.T.A. Articles Featured Mag Promo Press Release (s)
Headliner 3 Months $5.99 3 3 Audios 1
V.I.P. 6 Months $4.99 (17% OFF) 6 6 Audios 2
LEGENDARY 1 Year $4.16 (30% OFF) 12 8 Audios, 2 Videos, 2 Featured Articles 4


Just pick which package is right for you from the tables displayed above, than subscribe HERE. We'll contact you immediately to begin working with you and upgrade your MuzicNotez Profile. Contact Us with any questions you may have about our E.T.A. P.K. Subscriptions and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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