Emerging Talent Agency

MuzicNotez promotes indie music in all facets. Through our magazine we feature up and coming new talent every day. Our PR Team pushes our talent roster to new press opportunities in magazine and radio every day. We constantly expose new music through our teams social media pages amounting to 8,000+ total followers whom all love indie music as much as we do!
How we do it:
Once we have a new member to our roster, we start out by generating a press release. This both helps us immediately learn about our new talent, and is the tool we use to expose our talent to our connections during the campaign. The press release is featured in our magazine and promoted through social media immediately.

Than we begin your campaign to the custom specifics that best suite each artist. We have connections for all genres, locations and kinds of press to be able to build the proper campaign to enhance the results. Throughout the campaign our artists are submitted to 100+ (we always go above and beyond) press opportunities in magazine and radio each month of the deal you took out. We continually keep our talent updated with the results as they come in, communication is everything.
We also feature our talent in our magazine each month through press releases (if there’s something new), interviews and our monthly magazine issues. On top of everything, we continually push our talent through social media.
Why join us:

All of the reasons above are the first reason! We see so much talent out there that deserves to be heard. But not everybody has the connections, time or knows how to get their music out there. That’s why we do what we do, to help the undiscovered to be discovered.
The industry is always changing; we stay up to date with new connections and modern promotional techniques. It’s all of this preparation that allows us to offer such a quality service.
You’re not just a number to us. We care about all of our talent and are invested in your success. The more you succeed, the more we succeed. We stay in constant contact and personally work with you to do everything we can to ensure your success as a musician!
So take that next step, join us >>

MuzicNotez Crew