Young upstarts from Halifax, Yorkshire, The McCarrons are a three piece comprising Louis & Michael McCarron (both vocals plus Bass and lead/rhythm guitar respectively) and Andy Farrell (vocals,drums). For fans of British rock and indie music, the trio’s new album is one which proudly wears its influences on its sleeve and shows a good deal of promising talent.

With three vocalists in the band, you would expect the harmonies to work to good effect, and they do throughout. Showcased in songs such as opener ‘So Long Goodbye’ as well as ‘Back to Your World’, ‘I Know the Secret’ and ‘They Make Your Day’, the vocals here are never stronger than when working in a group. That’s not to say the solo vocals don’t work, just that they’re boosted by the company.
Other nice touches include the upbeat summer feel of single ‘Rock n Roll Star Like Me’. With a shimmer of acoustic guitars, upbeat melodies and harmonies, the building verse is a highlight – simple but effective for changing it up. Versatility is shown though with follow up ‘Sylvia’. A sad tale, almost folky in its lyricism, this track is a character song made of acoustic strumming, pushed drums and a simple melody.
With nine songs in total, it’s this paring that sum up the band – comfortable whether upbeat or downbeat, The McCarrons are the latest in a long line of up and coming British bands who know how to write.
You can buy ‘Whatever Next?’ here.
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