You know we’re getting closer to that wonderful time, where the sun comes out to play and temperatures will get higher & higher, when you listen to what I would call the first summer jam of the year!
Those smooth keys, that groovy beat and when Ms Nistal’s vocals hit, you can’t tell me you aren’t looking forward to the first BBQ at the park or the first block party of the year with this jam coming out of your boombox!
And while I wonder if I should go to Los Angeles, or try to get Karina here for my first summertime party, you just grab a copy at your favourite online music boutique! ‘Cause that’s ‘All That I Want‘…

Check in with Karina Nistal on:
Twitter: @KarinaNistal
Facebook: facebook.com/KarinaNistalMusic
Website: karinanistal.com
iTunes: Single ‘All That I Want’
This was presented by The Dutch Guy

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