Official Took For Granted- John Lynam WAR EP from WAR EP – John Lynam on Vimeo.

Australian country music singer-­songwriter John Lynam has been writing and performing his original songs as well as playing live cover gigs solo/acoustic for the past 15 years.
Born and raised in Dalby, in country Queensland, John performed his first gig on drums at the age of 14 and his first solo acoustic performance at 21. He then relocated to the Sunshine Coast and signed to an agent.
In 2004/2005 John spent just over a year performing in both Ireland and the USA .”it was invaluable to perform for vastly different audiences and to be so warmly received”.
John has recently released his new ‘War’ EP on the WJO label. “The title track was inspired by an encounter, and conversations, with a young, modern day war veteran”, says John.
“Songwriting enables me to express my observations, feelings and experiences; there is no formula to writing a song. Some songs take a relatively small amount of time to write – others can take many years until they reach a point where I feel they are complete. The process of writing and recording my thoughts is, at times, therapeutic; at other times, such as in the case of ‘War’ it leaves me deeply challenged by the emotions it provokes”.

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