They say, patience is a virtue… They say, good things come to those who wait… And know what? They, are right!
I’ve been waiting on her first music video, ever since she dropped her first single ‘Beta Testing‘ back in 2012. Good things come to those who wait? Scratch that, this is GREAT! It’s poppy, it’s dancy, it’s catchy and I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘Better Life‘ would be popping up on a radio station near you soon!
I’d say, there’s a new bright Starr in the sky and her name is Megan!

Check in with Megan Starr on:
Twitter: @MeganStarrMusic
Facebook: facebook.com/MeganStarrMusic
Website: meganstarr.net
iTunes: Megan Starr’s single ‘Better Life’
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