While my Dutch brothers Yuno Verse and BC still aren’t impressed with my cowbell banging skills, hence the fact they still haven’t asked me to lay down some cowbell tracks, they have been busy in their studio, cooking up their next jam! And a hot jam is what ‘Superficial‘ is!
With this funky beat, hypnotic keys and when Yuno Verse starts spittin’? This is showing my Dutch pride and I’m not surprised they already got radio airplay in Holland! Mark my words, it’s just a matter of time before they’ll be crossing the borders…

Check in with Yuno Verse on:
Twitter: @YunoVerse
Facebook: facebook.com/YunoVerse
Website: yunoversemusic.com
iTunes: Single ‘Superficial’

Check in with BC on:
Twitter: @TrackSettaz_BC
Facebook: facebook.com/TrackSettaz

This was presented by The Dutch Guy

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