Lonny (Lionel) is an Israeli- Argentinean composer brought up in a mixture of clutures and musical tastes. Started off as a vague fantasy in his mind, Modest Midget is the crossing point between different styles of music which normally would collide with each other. He gathered songs that combined different ethnic styles with no pretension of making world-music, along with Rock and Classical influences. The music is often both elaborated with sophistication and intuitively simple. The first album was recorded with the help of different artists from different musical worlds, whether coming from the Contemporary Classical corners or Jazz. Among the participants were people like violinists Bas Wiegers and Vera van der Bie, clarinetist Ilse Eijsink & Jazz violist Oene van Geel.
Lonny’s music has been said to have found a “missing link between the Beatles and Frank Zappa”. Taking a closer look and hearing the veriaty of sounds deriving from the music leaves no doubt that many styles and genres have been touched. Still, the music eludes any existing cateogry. You just have to take it as it is.
Modest Midget has a new album called ‘Crysis’ set to be released September 28th. You can pre-order the album via their website right now. You can check out the new single’s official music video ‘Birth’ above right now. Enjoy, and stay tuned for the new album!
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