GLOBALIENATION is BAÏKI’s third album. It is beefed up with more rock fiber than the previous albums, and the 11 tracks switch from English to French to carry the concept expressed in the neologism of its title. Phil decided to work on this album entirely on his own to remain as true as possible to his inspiration. You will find no compromise with other players in the music industry here. A self-made production for a self-made artist.
The lyrics are engaged, confrontational, even bordering on unsettling, and Phil couldn’t have had it in any other way, for he cannot imagine a song without conveying a message that reflects an insight into society. Otherwise you’re merely decorating, and not painting… it’s not about politics, but about looking at the world around us through a slanted lens. This album deals with the complexity of a man doing his best to fit into the wheels in motion of a cynical world, and in doing so, constantly spinning in a universe of satire and emotional release.
Baïki draws its name from “bajki” in Polish which means “tales, stories”.

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