King aka man@arms is a lyricist, writer, visionary and self described ‘Bully’. He was born and raised in Patterson, Louisiana where he grew up listening to various genres such as Jazz, old soul, New Orleons bounce music and classic hip hop. After graduation he joined the military, then eventually moved to Houston and linked up with a crew called Logic. King then sought out a producer with original tracks and eventually joined up with Noah archangel in 05 where they formed The Band of the Hawk.

The Band of the Hawk is a new age, old school style hip hop group out of Houston, Texas. The line-up includes Noah Archangel (Producer/ Lyricist), King (Lyricist/Writer), Ashtonomics (Producer) and 3 (Lyricist/Writer). Each of them bringing their own unique styles, skills and joining forces to create something truly classic and fresh.
Underground Pyramid is the name of the crew that includes original Band of the Hawk members, plus other very talented artists continually joining their forces. If you’re in the Houston/Dallas area and would like to get involved, hit them up with some of your work to be considered.
Above you can check out the official music video for King’s 2nd single from his first solo album ‘Imperial Majesty’. The track is called ‘Crabs’ and features other members from The Band of the Hawk. You can also check out the new album and grab it from CDBaby. Seconds after starting to listen to this album your head will begin bouncing and you’ll start to hear the new generation of classic hip hop. Old school beats entwined perfectly with smooth rhymes from these lyrical powerhouses.
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