Dani Rosenoer is a producer, composer, touring keyboardist/backup singer for Three Days Grace, and one-half of Everyone’s Talking! Not stopping there, he’s added another solo album under his belt, starting with his first single ‘Legacy’. ‘Legacy’ is off of his upcoming, mix-genre, album ‘Monkey Prison’ and produced by Gavin Brown, an award winning Canadian producer. Dani recently tweeted that his heavy influences for the album were Muse, Queen, and Dream Theater, which beautifully shines through the power song. I could even hear a little of The Used in there.
If life is starting to get to you, ‘Legacys’ energy should inject the backbone and attitude needed to take what’s rightfully yours (whatever that means). Accompanied by lyrics that you wish your mother would confirm, will be enough to push you on the edge and scream EFF the norms! If not, you’re probably sick.
Watch Dani Rosenoer’s debut single ‘Legacy’ below and don’t forget to peep the lyrics!

Review written by MuzicNotez writer Julet Lagto @JALMuzicNotez
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