Scottish four piece living the dream with new track available October 17th

“A punchy in your face indie rock band somewhere between led zeppelin and the stereophonics” – Jim Gellatly, XFM/Amazing Radio
When one of the nation’s most beloved tastemaker’s describes a band in the terms above, you know it’s a band worth making a note of. A raucous, uplifting Scottish four piece who specialise in soulful, guitar based Brit-rock, Proud Honey are clearly turning heads in all the right places. Already nominated for best British band 2015 by Pure M magazine, the band have also been compared to the varied and brilliant likes of The Stone Roses, The Verve, Primal Scream, Oasis, the Charlatans and many more classic British bands.
And October sees their latest release, the single ‘Weekend Millionaire’. Influenced by a credit card fuelled stag do on which the band members went out on the town and spent ‘ridiculous amounts of money we didn’t have’, the song tells the tale of the high life which comes back to earth with a bang once reality kicks back in. Energetic and full of fun, it’s a track which deserves to launch Proud Honey to a new level in the industry.

But fantastic tracks and studio work like the song above are only part of this band’s appeal. Such is Proud Honey’s appeal north of the border that their headline show at the prestigious Scottish venue King Tuts was a sold out masterpiece. With quality in both their live and recorded work, Proud Honey have struck a difficult balance which eludes many of their contemporaries.
One final indication of how immediately effective their music can be? When they took the opportunity (without permission) to play their music over the tannoy at a well know national supermarket, shoppers immediately started to ask staff who the band were.
When a band can make that kind of impact on first listen, you know you’re on to a winner. The debut single will be released by Sub Label recordings Ltd under management from their newly launched label ‘Urban Pop Records’.
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