We have all reminisced of days gone by and adjusted to the differences time has brought around every bend. The music industry has never been any different, and I personally have wondered the same questions asked by ‘Bowling For Soup’ in their now retro hit “1985”. But sometimes you find exactly what you never had, always wanted, and dearly remember in the places you never expected.
This was such a circumstance in the discovery of a new face. Fresh on the scene, with only a few thousand followers and subscribers is Alex Hager. Admittedly, I was hesitant upon first glance… I have seen fads, trends, and memes vanish as quickly as they had come. However, having watched the music video for his single, “Drive Me Crazy”, I have no doubts that this young artist is a person to watch, as he is very talented and has what it takes to shine.
His musical, Alex Hager takes inspiration from such great bands as Blink-182 and Green Day; his music is truly a masterwork of modern times. Immediately after my first viewing, I hit the replay button for a second playing of the song and then proceeded to purchase the single when it finished. Hager promises to “combine the energy of modern punk with the melodic ear candy of pop music”, and it is a promise he delivered in spades.
Now that we have discussed the song, let’s talk about the video. I would love to give you a synopsis of it. However, I honestly feel telling you could not do it justice other than watching it and seeing for yourself this artist at work. Simply put, Hager takes pop culture from days been and gone, from the early era of rock and roll to the twenty-first century and creates more than a simple music video. This video has such a plethora of references to different music and entertainment culture that I can safely say something will apply to everyone in this video. To be blunt, Hager did more than create a memorable video, he gave the viewer a true experience; whether it is of a memory of childhood, family, friends, or years you remember fondly, this artist will bring you back there, if only for a while, as his music dances within you.
I am fascinated to see where Alex Hager goes and what heights he will scale within the industry. This music video is far-and-away worth the watch. If you’re feeling sporty, Hager also challenges the viewer to see if they can name all the pop culture references in the video’s description, so have some fun with it as well all you memers, dreamers, and schemers!

Review written by MuzicNotez writer Kyle Croushore
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