The big picture. For a name like that, you’d think it was impossible to miss, something so massive that they had to be inclusive of the magnitude it held just in reference to it. Despite that however, too many of us fail to take it into account in it’s entirety. I won’t lie to you, I am equally as guilty of this as any other you may meet, and rest assured everyone around us fails to consider multiple aspects of it every day we live. I remember growing up, the struggles I faced on a day to day basis, and I remember how music helped me through so much of it. Once I had heard the news, I approached my editor to write this article to honor the memory of one of the most iconic musicians my generation has had, Chester Bennington.
Chester Bennington faced numerous struggles throughout his life, but despite them he still managed to touch and inspire millions of individuals all across the globe. From the beginnings of Linkin Park with Hybrid Theory in 2000, the follow-up success of Meteora in 2003, all the way to One More Light in 2017, Chester Bennington’s voice rang aloft throughout recent history. Chester Bennington sacrificed a great many things throughout his career, recording his audition for Linkin Park in a day, and in the process missing his own birthday celebration. Furthermore, Bennington suffered numerous health issues in the making of Meteora. Despite this the debut of the album blew the fans of the band completely out of their socks, and in 2005 Hybrid Theory had gone Diamond, cementing Linkin Park’s legacy as one of the greatest bands of the decade.

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Chester Bennington’s death was a blow felt around the world. Men and women from all walks of life wept for the loss of the phenomenal musician. Alex Hager, a pop-rock artist allowed me a short interview to discuss the impact Chester Bennington’s music had on him. Hager revealed that, while his music had a softer edge, he actually frequently spent his days in middle school playing guitar as he screamed out the lyrics to his favorite Linkin Park songs, despite not being able to hit those tricky high notes. “Looking back,” Hager said, “Blink-182 and Linkin Park were my two major inspirations for music. Although I may be a pop artist, I have a very strong and powerful voice, and that power is what makes music special to me. I love to belt, and Chester was one of the guys that inspired me. I was trying to be Chester while reciting ‘Numb’ or ‘What I’ve Done’.”
Many talented musicians were affected by Chester Bennington’s death, but more beyond felt the shock of it as well. Dylan Garvin, an aspiring musician under the handle of VIPresident who sings numerous covers on the karaoke app Smule, also felt the blow. VIPresident first began listening to Linkin Park after hearing “New Divide” in the second Transformer’s film, falling in love with the band upon listening to their hits “One Step Closer”, “Papercut”, “Bleed It Out” and “In The End” on Youtube. “For a long time, I just liked the music.” VIPresident begins, “I liked the unique sound Linkin Park had, and there hasn’t ever been a band that has really come close to them. But it wasn’t until the last couple years that I started to realize the meaning behind their songs.” VIPresident revealed that since what’s happened, he has grown a strong attachment to “Leave Out All The Rest”, “Sharp Edges”, “Shadow Of The Day” and “One More Light”, telling me how much they speak to him about how precious life is and the ease with which you can miss that, winding up taking those who love you for granted in the process.

Chester Bennington by no means lived an easy life. He faced hardships, he fought for what he wanted, and ultimately he overcame a great many things and wound up touching the lives of millions for his effort. Whether you found inspiration in his ability to perform, the message you got from his music, or were just trying to find something to help the world make a little more sense again, Chester Bennington delivered exactly that with his wondrous music. To me, dear reader, that is exactly the type of impact that is unquestionably deserving of both honor and remembrance, and it will be with us forever to prove to the world that Chester Bennington tried hard, got far, and unquestionably mattered.

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