I’m suffering from 3rd degree burns with this new ROADCASE ROYALE hit ‘COVER EACH OTHER’ this is such a hot hit that this song alone has me waiting on tenterhooks for the band’s new album ‘FIRST THINGS FIRST’ that was released the 22nd of September 2017!
A band with decades of experience and led by the beautiful Liv Warfield (Prince’s New Power Generation) & the gorgeous Nancy Wilson (Co-founder of Heart) this band already screams brilliance. But wait! The ladies are not the only ones with the talent, Dan Rothchild (Bass), Chris Joyner (Pianist & Keyboardist), Ben Smith (Drummer), and last but certainly not least Ryan Waters (lead guitarist) add to the brilliance of this band. When I write about this band I am not lying when I say that each member holds so much experience and talent that their new album is going for gold!
Their new hit ‘COVER EACH OTHER’ gives the fans a taste of what’s to come, a mix of rock and pure R&B it is a gift on the ears, you will not be disappointed. But instead of taking my word for it click play and make your own mind up, I hope you won’t mind when I tell you “told you so”!
Check the links to find everything you need to get your fix of this fantastic band.

This review was written by MuzicNotez writer Jodie Morgan
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