If you want to learn anything about endurance, take a page from Raoul Gibson’s book. From the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Homewood, Gibson has dealt with gangbanging and roughly a decade in cumulative prison/jail time, all while pushing ahead to get his rap career off the ground. He’s also gone by multiple handles, including B-Dub, Dub, Raw Meat, and most recently, Cowboy Raw.
“I Was Raised” is the new single/video released on Gibson’s own Gold Rose Music label. It’s an intense glimpse into a world that Gibson knows all too well. Over an icy beat rife with tension, Cowboy Raw offers a sobering narrative. “I was raised with guerrillas/14-year-old killers,” he says in the hook. His tone is worn and raspy and all the more effective for it. He’s seen things that most are hesitant to think about, let alone rap about. “I Was Raised” is a reality check that’s sure to put a lump in your throat.

This review was written by Brody Kenny. Follow him on Twitter @Broderick_Kenny
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