Mike Brunacini’s “Lost State of Mind” Loses Itself in Emotion
Passionate keys strung to nostalgic vocals in beaded brilliance… Mike Brunacini’s “Lost State of Mind” delicately reaches for your heartstrings.
This track lives and breathes a special sort of magic you don’t hear too often.
Think Electric Light Orchestra with more nuance and crystal pure piano put to vocals. Lovely.

Website: MikeBrunacini.wixsite.com
Twitter: @BrunoSpumoni

“It’s been a while, but I saw you last night. I know it wasn’t right…”
Where to? Your life’s painted into a corner.
She’s gone, but her memory remains. Fresh paint.
With a wet step, you plod into memory. With a brush, you paint away your presence.
The gorgeous piano progression takes the cake in this song – echoing, as it does, with tempestuous mania.
Mike presses through the melody wonderfully – draping his own voice over it all with earnest sensitivity. Very nice.
A very retro haze of warmth submerges the entire track in its own surreal soundscape; another world for the broken-hearted…
You’re liable to love this one if you’ve a John Lennon leaning. However, for those who don’t, this is still a sweet tune to tune into.
Listen and love.

This review was written by Jeff Mitchell. Follow him on Twitter @JeffMWrites
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