When I first heard about Bill Abernathy, I was deaf to have heard anything about him. When I listened and watched “Changes”, I instantly caught the vibe.
The line “Change always teaches us to be everything we’re destined to be.” Slapped me right in my face. It’s dead on. As we go through this life. All the ups and downs, they kind of shape as people. It’s clearly we don’t know what our lives will be or who what we become. You will continue to go through changes. Bill is right, we all want to see something better on the other side of a fall. You have to keep pushing forward. We are all destined to be something.
The song is revealing and open. It’s uplifting. It’s touches your soul if you allow it to.
Allow the changes in your life to push you forward and not hold you back. The words are true, and the different pictures of the change on views are on point. Nature is peace and it’s always changing. You can have a few bright sunny hot seasons. Then turnaround and have beautifully cold winters. Thank you Bill for this empowering song.

This review was written by MuzicNotez writer J. Anthony Grigger

MuzicNotez Crew