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Instagram: @LostDogStreetBand
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The Lost Dog Street Band has become known for their astounding American folk music which expresses the beauty of life, even if it is through dark shrouded turmoil. Creating their own unique sound utilizing traditional instruments, most notably fiddle and guitar, the Lost Dog Street Band produces bouncy rhythms and soothing melodies topped off with soul aching lyrics that leave the listener not only satisfied, but cleansed with a lingering sense of reassurance. Songs such as “September Doves”, “Fall From Grace”, and “The War Inside of Me” best express the feelings of longing and the hopes of making one’s life slightly less tarnished. The talented musicians have a plethora of self-discovered wisdom to share, acquired through their past lives of hardship. The lyrics take a front seat as the artists lend a bit of their souls to the listener, so that they may spread their stories and experiences to all those who have an ear to listen; a tranquil fiddle lends to the perfect flowing harmony. The gracefully smithed verses and dexterous instrumentation gift those that take the time to listen with an insatiable thirst for more.

This review was written by MuzicNotez writer Samuel Weber

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