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At a time in hip-hop when a lot of people think young artist can’t make thought provoking music. Bhlocka proves that younger artist go through real life problems just like everybody else. On “Reaper’s Prayer” Bhlocka touches on some sensitive subjects. Bhlocka speaks about life, death, the future, & everyday living.
One of my favorite bars is when he raps “pray a lot & my faith a lil bigger/last of a rare breed, the runt of the litter/i’m sorry but my expectations are bigger, bitch I am king I am not just a nigga”. He also raps about some of his dear friends that he has unfortunately lost. As he keeps pressing on, he realizes “you leave how you came in, solo”. That’s something that we should always remember right there when it comes to life. Also in the song he raps some words that we should all live by in my opinion “Keep it going, giving up ain’t even a choice”. With that song Bhlocka is most definitely a force to be reckoned with. He is someone you should check out right now & often.

Written by MuzicNotez writer Demetrius Wimberly, follow him on Twitter @djholla & Instagram @djholla

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