Website: BillyRayRock.com
Instagram: @Billyrayrock1
Twitter: @BillyRayrock1

Out of Seattle, Billy Ray Rock is a solo rock artist and a true musician. He plays 10 instruments and produces all of his own music. This dynamic rock artist infuses dance, funk and R&B to create a energetic sound of his own. As with any rock star, Billy Ray Rock is also known to put on extremely entertaining live shows.

Now, Billy Ray Rock has released ‘I’m Bringing Rock Back’ in October. The track is a party rock anthem and goes over the long history of rock legends. The official music video perfectly displays Billy Ray Rock’s high energy rock showmanship. Fittingly, the video has clips of the famous acts referenced in the song. It also pays tribute to those legends whom have passed. Luckily, their legend lives on with artists like Billy Ray Rock whom truly is bringing rock back! Enjoy the video below and as always, please give him a follow.

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