Website: HarknessMusic.com
Instagram: @harknessmfa

The new psych artist ‘Harkness’ has been releasing a few singles in preperation for his debut album release ‘The Occasion’. The latest single to drop is entitled ‘Lure Of The Pollen’. Harkness has wrote and produced all of his own music in his home studio over the past year. He sings, plays the guitar, bass, piano and drums! The sound Harkness creates is totally orginal and unlike anything I’ve heard before.

This new single ‘Lure Of The Pollen’ has an uplifting vibrant vibe to it. The mystifying tones and notes tickle the ears and please the mind. The single is accompanied by the music video, which you can enjoy below. Harkness tells the story of how this song was inspired, “As I was riding my bike to meet her on that first date a Butterfly flew towards me and I instinctively reached out and caught it while still pedaling. When I finally reached her and we came together to meet I released the Butterfly between us as we said Hello. You can guess at how the rest of the day went…”.

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MuzicNotez Crew