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MuzicNotez PRO

$10.00 $5.00

MuzicNotez PRO gives you access to promotional tools that allow you to access our social pages, submit to our playlists, submit to magazine/radio worldwide and join our magazine. All at the most affordable rate you’ll find!


MuzicNotez PRO

Once you join MuzicNotez PRO, you’ll be given a password to access our PRO Tools page. Upon logging in, you’ll gain access to tools that give you access to our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), submit to our playlists (Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube), PR contacts and features in our magazine.

The perfect service for the active musician on a budget. If you’re continually releasing new music, and really grinding to be heard. Go PRO and have constant access to promotional tools in an instant. Receiving real promotion, to real independent music fans.

The first month is only $5, then it’s $10 after that per month (all the promotion bought individually would be a $50 monthly value!) and you can cancel any time.

What do you get with MuzicNotez PRO?

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