Crew Partnered with Talent Agency

We are proud to announce MuzicNotez has partnered up with The Emerging Talent Agency!
It’s a natural fit for our new partnership being that MuzicNotez is the premiere site for the best new independent music, and The Emerging Talent Agency is excellent at finding the best new emerging talent. This way you become discovered right here at MuzicNotez.

MuzicNotez Crew
Emerging Talent Agency

Through this partnership The Emerging Talent Agency will be on a continual talent search throughout MuzicNotez to find the best new emerging artists. MuzicNotez is going to be giving The ETA some of our highest traffic spots throughout the site to promote what they find to make sure they become heard. Also as you may have already seen we’ve developed The Emerging Artists Radio to promote all of the best track’s found, this is also available on most mobile devices @, so be sure to check that out!

Along with this partnership MuzicNotez has developed a unique profile for the ETA to best promote there finds, and to connect with our artists, so go ahead and contact them at this profile and ask them to check out your best tracks for them to review for the new Radio. They love connecting with all musicians just as much as we do here at MuzicNotez so don’t be shy!

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