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The Chartburst concept is simple yet powerful. Musicians and bands are able to upload their favorite, original songs to one of ten different genre-specific music charts, from rock and pop to folk and hip hop. Music lovers can listen to as many songs as they want to on Chartburst, vote for their favorites, create playlists, and possibly even play a part in the early success of a break-through artist.


As veterans of the music profession who know the business well, Chartburst’s founders recruited talent scouts and A&R reps from some of the world’s largest record labels, including Sony, Columbia, Warner Bros, and Universal, and smaller labels like Bella Union, to monitor which artists’ songs receive the most votes. Twice a month, scouts review the top five (5) songs from each chart and contact those musicians and bands to provide valuable feedback, and in some cases, discuss possible record deals.

“We created Chartburst because there is a clear, unmet need for unsigned musicians to get their music in front of influential record label representatives”, said Francis Gane, co-founder of Chartburst, and a deejay and producer. “At the core of the inspiration for Chartburst, was our frustration that so many great artists do not get heard by the right people at the right time because a service like Chartburst does not exist.”

Chartburst has sponsored our MuzicNotez Battles supplying our new champion with a FREE lifetime membership to Chartburst. We’re confident with our champs huge fan base and immense talent that they will rise to the top of the charts to ultimately become signed thanks to our friends at Chartburst!

With the much anticipated launch of Chartbursts revolutionary new service being today (January 14, 2013), the first 200 to see this post and enter our personal promo code (MNEARLYBIRD) during registration with Chartburst will be able to utilize their service now. So get started, and good luck to you!
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