Robinson’s back with “Waiting On Cinderella”

Robinson back soon with new album, but first the single – ‘Waiting On Cinderella’

Written by Nigel Roberts

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Twitter: @Robinsons_Music

With so many male singer-songwriters around at the moment it takes something special to stand out from the crowd. It seems every Tom, Dick and Harry can string together a few chords and create a song – some of them even quite good. But what sets Andy Robinson apart is his genuine talent for subtlety.

By subtlety, we don’t mean that he’s quiet. Far from it, his songs are often energetic and pacy, chock full of gypsy gusto and shuffle. It’s in his lyrics and instrumentation that his particular set of skills come through.

A true multi-instrumentalist, Robinson embellishes the usual piano/guitar/percussion/vocal combination with the likes of the clarinet (which lends a Greek feel) and squeezebox, creating a folk tinged sound both traditional and fresh.

And as for those lyrics, the new single is a prime example of how his mind works. Tiptoeing around the dark subject of domestic abuse, Robinson still manages to pen a creative, upbeat and ultimately fulfilling single in the piano driven mould. If you enjoy this, then the album isn’t far behind.

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