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DING DING! Time for round #2 of the MuzicNotez Battles, the Rap Battle. Congrats to our first winner LOKA whom won the Rock Battle and will be the first of 4 contestants in the championship round. You will have 2 weeks to vote 10 times a day for your favorite to move on to the Championship Battle where they will have a chance to win the $500 value GRAND PRIZE!


Song: Let Up
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Pittsburgh, USA


Song: Do What It Do
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New Orleans, USA

Shawn Lyricz

Song: Make ‘Em Mad
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Minneapolis, USA


Song: Game Goes On
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Kiev, Ukraine


Song: I Know
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Texas, USA


Song: Good Day
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Texas, USA

It’s hard to choose, because they’re all very talented, but pick your favorite to move on and vote NOW >>
If you have any questions how our battles work or how to become part of our battles learn more here.

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