MetaQuorum dazzle on mind-bending debut album ‘Midnight Sun’

With a sound that is very different to anything you’re likely to hear for some time, MetaQuorum are a new, highly original act with a unique approach. A duo who split duties between production and keyboard sequencing, Dmitry Ermakov and Koos Van Der Velde have used these techniques to create a kind of funk-rock-jazz fusion. With a touch of electronica to boot.

This unique approach to pulling together genres and techniques not often heard in one place has paid off with a truly compelling debut album titled ‘Midnight Sun’.

Out now on BandCamp (see links below), the album is a marker for any artist who really wants to create something different. So often you hear artists say they have a unique sound, but with one listen you’re able to pick out influences and similarities to other artists. In the case of MetaQuorum, comparisons are futile.

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