LA Duo Moxi New Dream Pop Single ‘Figures Bathed In Light’

Enter the dream world of Los Angeles based Moxi with the new single off the upcoming album, Figures Bathed In Light. The song after the album name released in June blends into the trendy indie-electronic world just in time for cruising to the beaches. The vocals of lead singer Anna Toy flows with the synthy soft trance of the melody before the explosive chorus eases you into the relaxing vibe of the song.

Moxi’s new release will blend right into your summer soundtrack between Selena Gomez and Halsey with their recent similar sounds. The lyrics of of the song are easy to ignore with the sweet and effortless singing style of Toy harmonizing with the dazy tone of the single. But while the song is fitting enough for an after-party, the band drew its inspiration from something less celebratory.

“Our inspiration comes from a myriad of experiences and ideas, but the underlying theme comes from our emotional response to art and life experience,” said Toy.

The band explains that the track was conceived after the couple escaped a near-fatal car crash. They were able to draw creative energy from the experience to create the floaty single.

Older songs like “Hold Me” and “Terrible Disguise” bring more of a raw sound than the new entrancing single as the band seems to be putting more of a focus on their musical tools outside of bare voices and instruments.

The song itself is an easy listen and sets the tone for the rest of the EP dropping in August. The band has teamed up with Emmy award winning producer, Bobby Hartry to hopefully keep the fantasy world in reality with a little bit more energy.

Review written by MuzicNotez writer Lily Hall
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