Amilia K Spicer official new music video for ‘Lightning’

“Let me be, let me be… let me be your lightning.”

Recently releasing her official music video for ‘Lightning’, Amilia K Spicer’s four-minute and thirty-three second self-directed visual showcases Spicer and actor Damon Mathew Lewis in a sultry embrace that transitions into serene shots of waves and lightning, as well as Spicer in a solo underwater almost dance-like performance. ‘Lightning’ is the second single off of her studio album — ‘Wow and Flutter’ (2017) — and is reminiscent of 90s alt-pop.

Spicer’s artistry bleeds through in all aspects of ‘Lightning’, delicate yet just as effectively alluring as a dolled-up sex kitten’s come hither eyes. The submission in her vocals dance along the playful and hopefulness of the accompaniment, tying it altogether with her vision of the song. Check it out for yourself and be sure to show her love!

Review written by MuzicNotez writer Julet Frazier
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