Stevi Daft New Indie Rock Video ‘Oh Chief’ & Single ‘White Nite’

“Oh Chief, you are the rhythym of my fantasy… don’t take I’ll give it to you”

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Up and coming LA-based singer-songwriter, Stevi Daft recently released her official music video for ‘Oh Chief’ and we’re diggin’ it! Colorful and retro-esque—anyone smell hairspray?—‘Chief’ is set at a fair with cut away shots of the park, its rides, and Daft singing with ‘tude. The song is a bag of poprocks—catchy, timeless, and fun. Watch it below and be sure to show Stevi Daft so indie LOVE!

If you’re loving Stevi Daft’s song ‘Oh Chief check out her SoundCloud and listen to her latest single ‘White Nite’!

Review written by MuzicNotez writer Julet Frazier
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