Fitzsimon and Brogan New Album ‘Big Blue World’

The righteous feel good vibe emanating from every beat on the latest Fitzsimon and Brogan release, “Big Blue World” is downright contagious foot tapping, head bobbing, power pop paradise for the soul. The one-two punch of Neil Fitzsimon and Bee Brogan, former bandmates with Pretty Blue Gun, melds perfectly into a sweet, melodious concoction that pours smoothly with just enough bite to feel angsty. Pat Collier produced “Big Blue World” and his timelessly renowned crisp production shines brilliantly throughout this masterpiece with each track being a well-polished, mixed down gem. “Big Blue World” launches right into the fray with a self-titled opener that showcases the melody and vocal range of lead vocalist Bee Brogan’s powerful pipes. Reminiscent of an early Juliana Hatfield, track four, “God Given Right” comes scorching in on a blazing guitar driven riff and burns “super nova” for the full three-minute run time. “Big Blue World” is all substance and no filler, making each track on the album time well spent.

“Big Blue World”, the latest Fitzsimon and Brogan independent release, can be found at

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