Justin Wellington

Genre: Reggae

Justin Wellington Interview With The Emerging Talent Agency

  • ETA: First off, thanks for doing this interview with us, it’s an honor!
    • Justin Wellington: Thank you, it is for me as well :-)
  • ETA: So Justin, what motivated you to become a musician?
    • Justin Wellington: I entered a school variety show when I was in grade 7. I sang an RnB song by After 7 with a friend of mine. The response we got from the crowd was totally crazy and that was definitely the moment when I knew that I wanted to be a singer.
  • ETA: How long have you been creating music? What age did you begin?
    • Justin Wellington: I first started to write and record my own songs pretty much as soon as I left high school. I joined a band who were very much into writing their own material and so it came pretty naturally to me.
  • ETA: You were raised in Papua New Guinea, what’s the music scene like there for an emerging artist like yourself?
    • Justin Wellington: In terms of the talent and quality of music, the music scene in PNG has always been terrific. The industry itself has had many ups and downs and has often struggled with poltical-type quarrels between labels, radio stations etc… This has not prevented quality music from continuing to come to the surface. Nowadays, like much of the rest of the world, independent labels and artists in PNG are still creating and releasing high quality music. I was very lucky because even from my debut I immediately received strong support for my songs from radio stations throughout PNG and this has continued to be the case.

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  • ETA: How do you describe your music?
    • Justin Wellington:
      The best way I can describe it is “island pop”. It could also be classified as “urban island” as well. My music is primarily island influenced. That includes various different island styles from around the world i.e. reggae, zouk, dancehall, reggaeton etc… and also some rnb as well. The overwhelming style of my music is these types of genres combined heavily with pop.
  • ETA: Who were your musical influences growing up that have helped mold you into the musician you are today?
    • Justin Wellington: Growing up… definitely Lionel Richie, Billy Ocean, Michael Jackson, Def Leppard, Prince, The Outfield, Tears for Fears, Fleetwood Mac, Brian McKnight, New Edition, Boyz II Men etc…

      I didn’t start to get into Reggae and island-type stuff until I had left high school. From those types of genres it was artists like: Bob Marley, Toots, Fiji, UB40, Morgan Heritage etc…
  • ETA: What makes you unique as a musician?
    • Justin Wellington: I think my song-writing style as well as the combinations of genres that I use in my music are the main factors that make me unique as an artist.
  • ETA: You’ve toured all over the world, any particular favorite concerts that stand out to you? Favorite places to perform?
    • Justin Wellington: Bora Bora was incredible, not only because of the concert but also because I had the chance to see several of the islands there. It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.

      Goroka (one of the major cities in PNG) definitely stands out because it was by far the craziest, most pumped-up, and most enthusiastic crowd that I have ever performed for. The police had to step in to try and control the crowd. Goroka is in a notoriously “wild” area of PNG

      In 2006-07 I did a tour of New Caledonia and I had the opportunity to perform and stay in several indigenous villages throughout the country. That was amazing.
  • ETA: You’ve had several albums over the years, out of them all what’s your favorite? Any specific songs you like the most? If so why?
    • Justin Wellington: Definitely my best album is my most recent – “Reign of Morobe”. My favourite song is “Your Love” – the song I wrote for my grandmother. It’s my favourite for both musical and personal reasons
  • ETA: What’s your writing style like when creating music?
    • Justin Wellington: I always put priority and emphasis on creating a nice, catchy melody first. The lyrics and other parts of the writing process come second.
  • ETA: Any genres of music you’d like to experiment with that you haven’t yet?
    • Justin Wellington: Country for sure. I love country music.
  • ETA: What plans do you have in the future?
    • Justin Wellington: To keep writing, producing and performing music for as long as I can. Other than that I have no idea what the future holds for me. Eventually I hope that I can have a career in nature conservation and animal protection
  • ETA: Anything else you wish to say about yourself or your music? Anything to say to your fans?
    • Justin Wellington: To my fans – It is an absolute blessing to have you. Sometimes, I still can’t believe that there are so many people who love my songs. It’s such a trip for me that I never get used to, or take for granted. Thank you, Much Luv :-)

      Thanks to my management – Rapolla-Miranda Music Management. They’re doing so many great things for me.

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