Genre: Rap and Hip Hop

P.U.N.’s MNotez Interview:

  • MNotez: How long have you been a musician? What age did you begin? What motivated you to become a musician?
    • P.U.N.: I’ve been tinkering and making sounds since I can remember honestly. I have tapes of myself making music when I was 2 or 3. From there it just grew and grew. I love music and how it can narrate any mood, moment, thought, idea, feeling, anything really, so I decided long ago that it was my intention to pursue it as more than a hobby.
  • MNotez: What’s P.U.N. stand for? How’d you come up with it?
    • P.U.N.: I get this question a lot and its never what people expect. No its not an acronym. Since 13-14 yrs old all my friends would always call me Big Pun cuz im a big dude and I rap so they would associate me with the late great Christopher Rios a.k.a. the Big Punisher. I cant change what the streets call me so out of respect for the legend I created my own version of the name which simply reads P.U.N.
  • Who were your musical influences, idols, or bands growing up that have helped mold you into the musician you are today? Or helped mold the music that you create?
    • P.U.N.: It would be unfair for me to try and list names. If I’ve heard their music they’ve influenced me in one way or another. I frequently draw creative influence from artists of all genre’s…except country. Not a fan. Rap, reggae, rnb, hip hop, soul, rock, alternative, grunge, etc…
  • MNotez: What’s the greatest concert you’ve ever been to or performed?
    • P.U.N.: Best one ive seen and felt by far the Wailers. Best ive performed so far the crowd at the Wiz khalifa show at the Rave in July.
  • MNotez: If you could work with any other musician or band… who would it be? (past or present)
    • P.U.N.: Robert Nesta Marley
  • MNotez: What’s the ultimate goal you want your music to achieve, or for you to achieve in your career as a musician? Any particular message you wish to send?
    • P.U.N.: I would love to achieve national distribution and do some international shows. My main goal is to establish longevity in music as a career though. I produce, I make beats, Im an engineer, I do it all really. I would like to show the people out there that they don’t have to sell out to be who they wanna be they just have to be themselves. Also I’d like to help the people find their way in life and teach them from personal experience. Life’s hard and there aint no text book. Music got me through it. Hopefully mine does the same for others.
  • MNotez: What’s it like being a rapper in the Milwaukee music scene?
    • P.U.N.: Its tough. Lots of great artists but a lack of unity until recently. It seems we’re all starting to realize that helping each other will achieve all of our goals more quickly. Ive been well received by the masses though, from legends like Coo Coo Cal and Baby Drew to up comers like Ray Nitti and Smokes. The scene is scorching hot right now.
  • MNotez: You’ve been in groups like 4Legacy, as well as create music on your own, how does it affect your creativity creating music with a group or as a solo artist? Do you prefer one over the other?
    • P.U.N.: I love the input from all angles when writing as a group. Collectively finding a direction for a song and then writing your own individual piece of the story. I also love being able to complete an idea from start to finish on a beat. Its definitely easier to create solo but nothing compares to the complexity of group thinking. Each situation is individual I have no overall preference.
  • MNotez: What inspires you when you write your music? What’s your writing style like?
    • P.U.N.: Unless something is really on my mind I tend to let the beat talk to me and let it draw up an experience that fit’s the mood it makes me feel. It isn’t freestyle but it really is spur of the moment writing. Typically takes less than 20 min. to write up a 16 bar verse.
  • MNotez: You collaborate with a lot of other artists, how does that affect your writing style? Do you feel more inspired working with others or on your own?
    • P.U.N.: Again each experience is unique. Its similar to that group mentality though. You find a common topic for the song and write your own piece to the story. Certain people definitely inspire me to bring out the inner beast and kill the track though.
  • MNotez: Out of all your songs or albums… do you have a favorite? What is it? And why?
    • P.U.N.: I have a few favorites and they’re works in progress cuz they are my babies. Ive been developing them for some time and they have to be perfect. They are my favorites because of how personal they are and how much of myself I left on both the paper and in the instrumental compositions. You’ll see when they’re finished. Right now I keep jamming that “Im Gone” by myself and the homie Ygun Clutch though. Puts me in a laid back mode.
  • MNotez: How do you believe the internet helps the music industry or you as a musician?
    • P.U.N.: Well the internet is what messed up the industry and its whats reviving it at the same time. Without it you wouldn’t have a lot of the artists that are killing it now. The internet is a must as an artist.
  • MNotez: What kind of hobbies do you have outside of creating your music? What do you like to do in your free time?
    • P.U.N.: Seriously bro my job everyday is to work on music and when im done I continue to work on more music as a hobby. Music really is all I have time for.
  • MNotez: Anything else you wish to say about yourself or your music? Any message to your fans?
    • P.U.N.: If you havent heard of me or my music please take the time to check me out. I have my profile here on muzicnotez and also reverbnation, facebook, myspace, and twitter. Im working on my website right now should be done before too long. Also we do a lot of work for other artists please take the time to check out my team at www.tofinosound.com

      Shout outs to the muzicnotez crew, tofino sound, 4legacy, smokes and img, motion and lotboyz ent, shah and tef at TOP ent, Rio and the S dot gang, Nitti, coo coo cal, baby drew, shane mane, ceven, juju, big face, ygun clutch, and many more of you love all yall homies.

      Oh yeah and don’t forget to support the legalization of marijuana in Wisconsin. Vote Jay Selthofner for Wisconsin State Assembly!!!!!!!! YAW!

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