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I wrote about singer/songwriter Devyn Rose back in March, when she dropped her brand spanking new single ‘Want It All‘ on us (read here), and she kept teasing me with her upcoming EP release on April 30th…

Curious as I always am, I wanted to know more about it. Is it gonna be as emotional as her single was? Why is this EP gonna be very personal to her? What’s gonna make this EP real?

Right before we scheduled our interview, Devyn told me she was gonna send me a special delivery and I couldn’t open it till our interview! So, not only are we gonna get to know what makes her EP ‘Want It All‘ so personal, so real. But we also get to know what’s inside this special delivery box:

The Dutch Guy (TDG): Can I borrow 20 bucks?

Devyn Rose (DR): That’s it? For What?

TDG: What are your roots? What inspired you to writing and singing songs?

DR: I grew up listening to Light FM and KTU, my first intro to hip hop was Bone Thugs N Harmony. They have and always will be my inspiration. I loved their quick melodic flows. I also listened to Whitney Houston a lot, she inspired me to really use my voice. As for writing, I started out writing poems which turned into me writing full songs.

TDG: How would you describe your sound?

DR: My sound is eccentric, it’s edgy, hardcore and rugged, sexy and soft. I’ve got a few alter egos that I like to bring out so that each record sounds different. When people hear my music, I like them to say ‘That’s dope, I didn’t expect that from you’

Why? Because I like to do the unexpected, like when people already got you figured out and know what type of record you are going to do next or can predict your sound, to me that’s wack! I don’t want to be predictable. I think outside the box. I’m different, yea I’m different, pull up to that what! I am no specific genre’s princess. I am a multi genre artist!

TDG: I’ve shared your single and EP commercial a couple of weeks ago, and the thing about the commercial that struck me the most, was you telling about how this EP was an emotional roller-coaster ride for you. Can you tell more about it? How it involved in your songwriting process?

DR: The only way for me to heal when I go through something is to write. Writing is therapy for me, that is why 99% of my songs are all true stories, things I’ve been through. The other 1% is things I would like to experience.

Doing music has its ups and downs. My future with music has been questioned by so many buffoons it’s crazy! People who gave up on their dreams and tried to get me to, people that just didn’t wanna see me win, people who f**ked me over.

The best part of my journey is when I freed my self from those people. Right now, all that remains in my life is God, my family, my music, my fans and supporters. That is all I will ever need. I am happy!

TDG: It’s sad, but I hear that all the time. You know what? No matter what you do, there will always be haters! So would you say showing ‘them’ you’re still going strong, is an aspect you enjoyed while recording the EP?

DR: I let my haters and doubters be my motivaters. Funny thing is, when they see things moving, they are the same ones who hit me up like yo Dev…… My response? FOH!

TDG: I usually ask which album/EP artists are most proud of. Correct me if I’m wrong, but since this has been very emotional for you, I’m guessing this EP right here is the one you’re most proud of. But how about which song of the EP? And why?

DR:Want It All‘ is definitely one of my tops favs! I love the record because it’s that type of record for you to be like YEA BOY! Tell me I can’t and I will show you I can!!! So it’s just that kind of record.

I also love my record called ‘F**K Me High‘. It’s not what you think, get your mind out the gutter, *lol*! But the record is about being around someone, someone you don’t know but you always see them around and their aura turns you on. It gives you a natural high and you fantasize about being in a relationship with them, like the mystery of what would it be like with that person.

TDG: Who or what inspires you the most?

DR: Besides the top artists in the game who inspire me everyday, I also inspire myself. When I think I am beat, I pick myself up and I go harder. My motto is, I will not lose! So I live with that thought everyday and stay focused and just do it.

TDG: How would you describe your connection with the fans? What kind of connection do you like to have with them?

DR: My connection with my fans is great! I have fans hit me everyday and I reach back out to them all. I think it is important to make them feel as loved as they make me feel when they hit me up about one of my songs they love. Now uh, I ain’t talkin’ about the stalkers or the dudes, who the first thing they say is: ‘hello beautiful’, ‘sexy’, ‘gorgeous’, ‘damn ma’, um I don’t do those. I HATE being called those names by the way! Those get ignored pronto!

TDG: How important is social media for you?

DR: It’s pretty darn important man! Gotta have that presence! It’s super easy to keep everyone informed and all. Without it, how would I be able to communicate with my Devyn Rose Nation?!?!

TDG: How do you make sure you stand out in all the ‘noise’. You know there are a lot of artists out there, what makes you different than the others online?

DR: As an artist born from a Haitian and French descent, I am far from average. I write, I play instruments, I dance jazz, I sing, I rap in English, French, or Creole. Sh*t, I eat different! There is so much to me that sets me apart from what is out there. I am a different type of artist, doing different type of things. When it comes to standing out online, I just attack differently.

TDG: In the teaser video, you’re playing the piano and a little guitar. Which other instruments do you play and which instrument do you think has the most soul?

DR: I love playing both! It also depends on the song. Like when I do a record that has that rocker vibe, I gotta whip out the guitar. I like other instuments like the drums, both African and regular and the xylophone. You just never know what I will bring out and play at a show!

TDG: What’s the biggest misconception people have about you?

DR: Not sure if this would be one, but uh, when people first see me, because I am an African American girl, they automatically want to put me in the ‘R&B’ category or genre. But when they actually read about me, listen to my music and see what I am capable of, they are like ‘oh opps’!

TDG: Who is currently on repeat on your iPod?

DR: ‘Started From The Bottom (Now We Here)’ by Drake.

TDG: Who or what genre would never make it to your iPod? Or should never been released?

DR: Although I love all types of music and genres, the only songs that might give me a headache is that kinda rock music where they are just screaming, *lol*! And you can’t tell what they are saying!

TDG: What is the best piece of advice you ever got when you started out and you think it would help aspiring artists/bands?

DR: Never ever give up. Ever!

TDG: With you dropping ‘Want It All‘ on April 30th, I was wondering what else you have coming up for 2013? Tour maybe?

DR: I am working on a five city tour, dates TBA. I’m super excited because performing is actually my favorite part!

TDG: What do you love and what do you hate about life on the road?

DR: I love performing and connecting with my fans the most! What I hate is being away from home, I get a lil’ home sick from time to time. But that’s apart of it all, you just have to make it work.

TDG: Before we finished up, any last words?

DR: I’d like to thank you for the taking the time out to interview me :) Thank you to all my fans and my supporters, thank you for believing in me! Special shouts to Hulkshare for sponsoring my ‘Want It All‘ EP! Stay tuned for greatness!!

Oh yeah, by the way? That surprise package I sent you? You can now open it :)

‘I really did wait till Devyn told me to open the package and inside were two signed hardcopies of her EP ‘Want It All’! Not only do I get to hear the whole EP before it officially drops, but since she was planning on releasing ‘Want It All’ digital only, I had just one question:’

TDG: Thank you so much for the signed EPs, I love it! I’m old school like that! But I thought you were gonna release ‘Want It All‘ digital only, through Hulkshare?

DR: I was, but why not do something special for my fans and supporters? :) So, wanna limited autographed copy of my EP? First 10 fans to tweet all 3 Hashtags #DevynRose #Hulkshare #WantItAll Win! Ready..Set..Go!

Epilogue: Not only do you get a chance to get your hands on a very limited edition signed hardcopy of ‘Want It All‘, Devyn only had a handfull produced, I can also tell you you really should grab her EP when it drops on April 30th!

Because I had the honour to check the EP before the official drop date, I can honestly tell you, Devyn Rose’ EP? It IS emotional, it IS personal and it IS real! While writing and producing this EP was like therapy, a healing process to Devyn, I personally believe it could be the same to you, if you really listen to it…

Check in with Devyn Rose on:
Twitter: @IamDevynRose
Soundcloud: Single “Want It All” on (Free Download!)
This was presented by The Dutch Guy

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