August 2011

August, 2011 Update
Yes… Summer’s cooling down… but that just means that MuzicNotez is heating up! And that means more new features and promotion for all! This month we’ve partnered up with a company to funnel fans to you, have some new battles coming up, new backstage design, new music and will be updating our fan profiles.

MuzicNotez has partnered up with! We know how important it is to everybody to find new fans, and how time consuming it can be to get those fans. So with they do all the work for you, 100% guaranteeing to send you legit new fans within days! Also with this partnership… we’ve exclusively worked out a $10 discount on all there packages with the promo code MuzicNotez, so check them out today and you could have thousands of new fans in a week!

It’s Time to get Prime Time!

Our MuzicNotez Battles are about to begin… however with a twist this time. We’re having qualifier rounds for you to battle your way into some extra battle spots for our Rap and Wildcard round, so we’re leaving it up to you this time!

Rap Battle Qualifier, 2 artist battle for final rap battle spot.
Wildcard Battle Qualifier, 2 artist battle for final Wildcard battle spot.

What’s NEW and on the Horizon?

NEW Backstage!
As our frequent members may have already realized… we’ve updated our “My Account and Backstage” area to make things easier on our members to operate your profiles as well as promote yourselves.

This is just the first draft to get you started, we’ll be adding more features and updates continuously so stay tuned! Any questions… or suggestions on new features/updates for this Backstage area feel free to contact us personally.

Some of these updates include:

  • Updated user interface
  • Dynamic nofications to keep you progressing
  • Featured specials on MNotez Promo/Custom Merch
  • Easily displayed:
    • Stats
    • Personal Media
    • Favorited Media
  • Promo widgets
  • Link to ETA Radio
  • More to come soon!

The NEXT new update to come to MuzicNotez will revolve around our Fan pages. Our first main goal here at MuzicNotez was to build a vast ever expanding network of brand new independent music (that’s you :D ), and now our next goal is to bring in a vast ever expanding network of new independent music fans to find and listen to your music! What kind of updates will these fans/fan profiles have?

  • Easy Facebook signup
  • Customized playlist builder
  • New system of funneling fans to specific music they like
  • New profile design
  • New backstage design
  • More abilities for fans to promote/share new artists they like on MuzicNotez

Country Bo Flye
Genre: Rap and Hip Hop

Verbal Terrorist
Genre: Rap and Hip Hop

Genre: Metal

Pain And MuZiK
Genre: Rap and Hip Hop

Coast To Coast
by Taken Flight

Listen Here!

Brave With Me…
by C.J. RAW

Listen Here!

So Many Ways!
by Big Jayxtee

Listen Here!

Midwest Bangin’
by Gewd Life

Listen Here!

Hero In
by Exit To No Where

Listen Here!

Nothing To Show
by Andrew David Weber ft. Number 2wo

Listen Here!

While My Guitar Gently Weeps
by Lou Barrett

Listen Here!

by 7Envy

Listen Here!

by RK Cerman

Listen Here!

by Kae DooBz

Listen Here!

Over The Night
by Christ

Listen Here!

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