January 2012

January, 2012 Update

2012′s going well so far! We’re excited to announce our E.T.A. P.K./Virtual Manager being launched. We also have some battles news, featured members and new music!

HEADSTONE won the Metal Battle! It was an incredibly tight race throughout, with Headstone and Murdalize flopping positions seemingly every day. However in the final day Headstone ultimately pulled ahead to win the Metal Battle and move on to the Championship Round! They won with there track featured below called “Your God”, they have a very unique sound, check it out!

Listen here to the winning track! Your God

It’s Time to get Prime Time!

We know you just want to be heard, but it’s not easy balancing your time. To be heard you need to get your music out there and that takes continual promotion/a lot of your time! So we’ve created our E.T.A. P.K. and Virtual Manager subscription packages. The E.T.A. P.K.’s are our MuzicNotez Press Kit’s mixed with continual MuzicNotez Promotion throughout our site, Magazine and from The Emerging Talent Agency. The Virtual Manager is an online manager you can hire to control all of your personal profiles and continually promote you for just a few bucks a month!

What’s NEW and on the Horizon?

MuzicNotez WILDCARD Battle

The next round of the MuzicNotez Battles will be the WildCard Battle! This is the final battle of the competition before the CHAMPIONSHIP. The winner of this battle will move on to the Championship Battle and receive free promotion throughout our site and magazine.
Who will be battling?


Country Bo Fly


Amerikas Addiction

Genre: Electronic

Future Boy B
Genre: Rap and Hip Hop

Jay Rod
Genre: Rap and Hip Hop

Genre: Metal

This Place
by Young Louie

Listen Here!

Storm Before The Calm
by Keyboard Comrade

Listen Here!

On 1 (Video)
by Weapons Of Mass Defunktion

Listen Here!

The Road To Life
by Mark Daniel Uncle

Listen Here!

by Super Ego Beats

Listen Here!

by Andrew David Weber

Listen Here!

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