July 2012

July, 2012 Update

We figure the best way to celebrate Independence Day is with independent music! America celebrates its freedom, and MuzicNotez celebrates its freedom from major record labels.

NotezWorthy Spotlight
Soul E Baba has taken over the top of the NotezWorthy charts! The “Nigerian King of Soul Music” began his music career at the age of 8, been in several groups over the years, and has now become the King of MuzicNotez. We’re proud to have Soul E Baba represent us on the top of our charts and look forward to hearing more from him!
What’s NEW and on the Horizon?

MuzicNotez has been working closely with The Emerging Talent Agency for a while now, working together to find the best new emerging talent on the net. We gave the ETA a column in our magazine to promote their finds, and they have a lot of great artist reviews coming soon! Through the help of our other partner Pixolia Studios, they have recently released their new site to best promote these emerging artists and we definitely recommend you check it out. If you feel you’re deserving of their promotional services, contact them, or if you want to be pushed to the top of the list, request a Press Release with them instantly NOW >>.

Real by The Controversy

The Black Saints
Genre: Rock

Genre: Alternative

Child On Fire
Genre: Hard Rock

Keyboard Comrade
Genre: Electronic

Down The Ranks
by He-Nis-Ra

Listen Here!

This Time Around
by The Koniac Net

Listen Here!

by P.U.N.

Listen Here!

by Sara Z

Listen Here!

by Wejeileh

Listen Here!

It’s Summertime
by Big Jayxtee

Listen Here!

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