February 2013

February, 2013 Update

Worldwide PR Campaigns & Management

The most talented and deserving musicians can get lost in the crowd. It’s not easy to break through, it’s all about networking and taking advantage of every exposure possibility you can. Through our years in the industry we’ve formed relationships with press opportunities worldwide. We submit our talent to friends in magazines, blogs, radio and more.

We offer PR Campaigns & Management to fit every genre and talent level. Plus we’re able to beat out any of our competitor’s prices because of the sophisticated and seamless platform we’ve built. Each month our talent is submitted to 100+ opportunities, featured in our magazine, and continual social media promotion. Learn more and get started here >>

Next MuzicNotez Battles Competition

Spring is just around the corner, and so is the next round of the MuzicNotez Battles! The last competition was our most successful yet, and resulted in the Candy Machine Guns taking the crown. Now they’re ranked the #1 band in Wisconsin, have gained thousands of social media followers, and are about to embark on their cross country US tour.

Once again, the next battles looks to be our best yet. More competitors, the worlds’ top indie talent and a larger grand prize! We’re still accepting applicants, so if you think you have what it takes and you would like your shot at the crown, apply today!

I Take U Higher by Esquille

Mista Marcus
Genre: Rap & Hip Hop

The Koniac Net
Genre: Indie

Genre: R&B

Andy J. Fredes
Genre: Metal

Never Let It Go
by The Spins

Listen Here!

Road To Heaven
by Uncle Balzak

Listen Here!

Green Dayz
by David James

Listen Here!

The One
by Wise Eyes

Listen Here!

Above The Grime
by Sister Midnight

Listen Here!

by My Own Masquerade

Listen Here!


Listen Here!

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