Written by The Dutch Guy
Today I’m sharing a powerful song about something I, as a Dad of 2 cool sons and a beautiful little princess, can’t imagine how it must be like for some kids…

As a survivor of child abuse herself, singer/songwriter Darnaa released her first single ‘Runaway‘ to tell young kids not to endure abusive situations silently, but to speak up to an adult outside their home.

While I simply can’t imagine how it must be like for abused kids, I do believe there’s always a way to overcome all the bad situations in life. And Darnaa is a shining example of how something so bad, can be turned around in something great!

So, if you are an adult, if you ever come across a young kid who might not have the courage to speak up but you’re certain he or she is a victim of child abuse, do not walk away, but intervene!

Let’s not forget, kids are simply OUR future…

Check in with Darnaa on:
Twitter: @DarnaaMusic
Facebook: facebook.com/DarnaaMusic
Website: darnaamusic.com
Bandcamp: Darnaa’s single ‘Runaway’ on Bandcamp

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